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Difference between Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro and Galaxy Grand.

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Samsung has recently launched its new smartphone that is Galaxy Grand Quattro which is very similar to Galaxy Grand, so in this post we are listing the difference between these 2 devices.

1. Difference between display of Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro and Galaxy Grand

Well all the Samsung's Android smartphones follow same design philosophy and these 2 smartphones are no different. Both Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Grand Quattro looks quite similar and the real difference between the 2 smartphones is their screen size. While Galaxy Grand has a display of 5 inches whereas Galaxy Grand Quattro has sightly small display with screen size of 4.7 inches. Screen resolution is still the same on both the devices that is 480x800 pixels resolution but because of smaller screen size, pixels density is high on Galaxy Grand Quattro display looks more colourful and vibrant than Grand Duos. In simple words Galaxy Grand Quattro has slightly smaller but better display.

2. Difference between processing power of Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro and Galaxy Grand

Galaxy Grand Quattro has a Quad Core 1.2 ghz processor in compared to Dual Core processor of Galaxy Grand. But actually the difference in the performance of these 2 device is not very big because Galaxy Grand Quattro has Quad Core Cortex-A5 processor whereas Galaxy Grand has Dual Core Cortex-A9 processor which is the more advanced version also the GPU of Galaxy Grand is much higher than Galaxy Grand Quattro which improves the performance graphic intensive games on the device. In simple words, your apps works more faster on Galaxy Grand Quattro than Galaxy Grand Duos but your games works more smoothly on Galaxy Grand Duos than Galaxy Grand Quattro.

3. Difference between user interface of Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro and Galaxy Grand

Both these smartphones comes with latest Android 4.1.2 jellybean version out of the box and as both these devices comes from Samsung's stable therefore user interface of both Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Grand Quattro is exactly same. However in Galaxy Grand Quattro you will not get features like multiwindow, S Voice and Popup Video which are the exciting features of Galaxy Grand.

4. Difference between specifications of Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro and Galaxy Grand

Memory : Both these devices has 1Gb ram and 8 Gb internal memory which can be expectable to 32 Gb.

Camera : Galaxy Grand Duos has 8MP Rear camera and 2MP Front camera whereas Galaxy Grand Quattro has only 5MP Rear camera and VGA Front camera. Well the difference between the 2 is clearly visible and obviously Galaxy Grand is far better than Galaxy Grand Quattro in clicking your favourite moments.

Battery : Galaxy Grand has 2100 mAh battery whereas Galaxy Grand Quattro has battery of 2000 mAh. Both smartphones lasts only for a day on average usage.

Dual Sim : Both smartphones has Dual Sim support.

5. Difference between price of Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro and Galaxy Grand

Now talk about the price. Samsung Galaxy Grand is currently selling in the retail markets for Rs 19,500/- and the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro is available at a street price of Rs 15,600/- So, there is a healthy difference of Rs 3k-4k between the 2 smartphones.

Well this is not the comparison between these 2 Samsung Galaxy Grands rather this post is about difference in their specifications. Galaxy Grand Quattro is decent buy if you don't play hardcore games and ready to compromise with few features. Actually this is Samsung's gimmick to fool buyers with QUAD CORE processor which actually is quite laggy during heavy usage, but consumers are very smart and cant be fooled with these tricks.


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