Thursday, 28 March 2013

How to buy Google Nexus 7 from Play Store without credit card?

nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 launched in India

It seems like Google has given a Holi gift to people living in India by launching its muccccch awaited tablet Nexus 7 in India. After waiting for such a long time, we have lost all our hopes that Nexus 7 will ever came to India but the wait has finally paid off as Google has start selling Nexus 7 in India.

Price of Google Nexus 7 in India

Google has priced the 16 GB model of Nexus 7 at Rs 15,999/- which is quite costlier when we compared it with the price of US that is $199 for the same 16 GB model. $199 means almost Rs 11,000/-, the difference of Rs 5,000/- is quite big in price sensitive market like India. If Nexus 7 is priced around Rs 12,000/- (don't know why we have to pay Rs 5,000 extra for the same product) than it will be a great buy and easily takeover the tablet market in India beating all other Indian manufacturers but even at Rs 15,999/- Nexus 7 is not a bad tablet either and has the best specifications for a tablet you can find at this price.

How to buy Nexus 7 from Play Store ?

Well Nexus 7 tab is not available in the market officially and you can buy it only from Google's Play Store which is very simple and similar to buying an app from the Play Store but the major problem is that unlike other ecommerce sites in India Google doesn't provide CASH ON DELIVERY (which is a major driving force in Indian Ecommerce space) and you have to pay using Card.

Nexus7 tab

Only Credit Cards are accepted

The other problem is that Google Play Store only accepts Credit Cards, no Debit Cards are accepted and we all know very few people in India has credit cards which mean if you don't have credit card than you can't buy this great device.

Create Virtual Credit Card

Don't be disappointed you can still buy Nexus 7 but for this you need to create VIRTUAL CREDIT CARD. We have already explained the complete procedure of creating VCC in our earlier post check that out. I prefer buying using Entropay credit cards which are easily accepted by Play Store whereas virtual cards created by others shows some problems as reported by our readers.

Now after the launch of Nexus 7 Google has raised our expectations and we are eagerly waiting for the launch of Nexus 4. Please Google priced it below Rs 20,000/- which will make it a killer device.

Happy Shopping. If you face any trouble using Entropay Card, share with us in the comments section.

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