Saturday, 27 October 2012

5 reasons why Microsoft Surface is better than any other tablet.

Microsoft has finally  launched its new tablet named Microsoft Surface along with its all new WINDOWS 8 . Surface is the first ever tablet launched by Microsoft runs on Windows 8 which is specifically designed to work on all the the devices such as mobiles, tablets and pc.

microsoft surface
microsoft surface

Lets checkout the Five reasons why Microsoft Surface is better than any other tablet currently available.

1. Windows 8 user interface is much polished than of Android user interface - The metro user interface comes with live tiles which are specifically designed for touch screen devices. Metro ui looks more polished and unique but very young when compared to Android or Apple's IOS. Android has grown tremendously in smartphone market but still struggling in tablet market. Windows is ruling the computer's os from very long time and users are used to it functionality thus with its newly designed Windows 8 can rule the tablet market also.

2. Hardware specifications of Microsoft Surface is far superior than any Android tablet - Microsoft Surface is available in two versions Surface and Surface Pro. Surface comes loaded with Nvidia's ARM processor while Surface Pro comes with Intel's i5 processor which is currently used in Laptops available now a days. Also the screen size of Surface is 10.6 inches which is much larger than most of the Android tablets of 7 inches. This makes Surface more capable and practically usable than Android tablets.

keyboard cover
keyboard cover

3. Keyboard cover comes with Surface makes typing easy on it - Typing on touch screen can be a pain specially when you are typing long mails or making presentations, on-screen keyboards won't help much. But to make your life easier Microsoft has attached a keyboard cover to Surface which will be a protective cover for the tablet and when opened can be use as a keyboard. Keyboard cover is available in 2 variants one is the Touch Cover i.e. 3 mm in thickness and has a touch-sensitive keyboard while the the other one is Type Cover which is thicker and includes a tactile keyboard.

microsoft surface
microsoft surface

4. Microsoft Surface can be used as an Ultrabook or as a Tablet - Tablets are in trend now a days but still tablets are pretty impractical devices which can neither be used as a phone due to their size nor as a laptop due to their insufficient hardware capacity. But Microsoft Surface(pro version) powered by Intel's i5 processor is more than capable of fulfilling your processing needs. Surface gives you best of both the worlds i.e. it can be used as an Ultrabook or as a tablet.

5. The quality of apps on Windows 8 will be much better than Google's Play store - Google's Play Store has more than 500000 apps and still growing but most of these apps are not designed specifically for tablets as in the case of Ipad which reduces the apps usability and increases apps crashes. But Surface is backed by the worlds software giant Microsoft thats why you can get assured of quality apps specifically for Surface.

Microsoft has entered last in the tablet market but with the Surface it has hit the bull's eye. Microsoft Surface is well designed tablet or can be used as Ultrabook has got enough to puch the Android tablets and rival the market leader Apple's Ipad.

Microsoft Surface prices in India  will be revealed at the time of official launch. Till then keep reading FIVEPOINT5.com
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